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Vendor: Waikiki Starlight Luau - HHV
Category: Luau
Location: Oahu
Enjoy the colorful heritage of the Pacifi c Islands at the Waikiki Starlight Luau at Hilton Hawaiian Village. Join the excitement of the celebration with live music, drums, the fiery drama of four fire knife dancers on stage as well as traditional Samoan, Tahitian and Hawaiian dance. Indulge in a feast of unforgettable tropical fl avors created with traditional island ingredients. Includes 2 select beverages. WHEN Weekly: Sunday - Thursday, 5:30 pm (weather permitting) SCHEDULE OF LUAU EVENTS 5:15 pm Guests are invited to gather in front of the Ocean Crystal Chapel gazebo. A conch shell blower will commence the luau festivities and guide guests to the luau site. 5:30 pm Welcome activities: Lei greeting, photo opportunity, cocktail reception, live music and interactive activities and games. Interactive activities and games to include pineapple toss, tattoo station, Hawaiian implement station and crafter/carver table. 5:30 pm Welcome activities 6:00 pm Conch Shell Blowing Challenge 6:10 pm Explanation of the food and group hula lesson 6:15 pm Dinner 6:45 pm Fashion Show 7:00 pm Waikiki Starlight Show Voyage Across the South Seas PARKING Validated valet & self parking is available at Hilton Hawaiian Village ($13 and $8) INTERACTIVE STATIONS Polynesian Implements: Guests will be able to touch, shake, and handle various Polynesian implements. Artisan will explain the materials used and background on the implements. Polynesian Tatau (tattoo station): Guests will be able to see the tools and dyes used for ancient tattooing. Artisan will explain the background of ancient Polynesian tattooing, method, tools, inks. Artisan will draw simple tattoo designs on willing and interested guests. Hula Lesson: A must-do activity where guests can learn the basic hula steps and say they did the hula at the Waikiki Starlight Luau in Waikiki. POLYNESIAN CRAFTERS Coconut Carver Station: Guests will be able to watch the actual carving of local woods into various Polynesian artifacts. Polynesian Articles: Pareau, Poi Balls, Fire Knife books, Polynesian jewelry, and various Polynesian articles. VOYAGE ACROSS THE SOUTH SEAS PERFORMANCE NUMBERS Voyaging Otea Settled fi rst by Tahiti Nui, the Hawaiians acknowledge and celebrate the skill of their Tahitian kupuna or ancestors that fi rst migrated the vast Pacifi c Ocean using their expert knowledge of the sea, sky and elements of nature to direct their voyage of over 2,000 miles. Aparima with Audience Participation A lively, fast paced dance of enticement between the men and women of the coral atolls of the Tuamotus, French Polynesia. Guests then become part of the show! Keiki We showcase the amazing dance skill of our keiki who learn to dance at a very young age as a means of perpetuating and honoring our rich culture. Tonga King Taufaahau Tupou IV of Tonga was the ruler of a Polynesian archipelago of 150 islands with 100,000 subjects and was the last reigning monarch in the South Pacifi c. His recent passing drew the homage of Polynesian royalty from the farthest corners of the South Pacifi c. We honor him and the people of Tonga with this dance tribute. Tiare A signature legend of French Polynesia that compares the creation of woman with that of the delicate tiare flower the French gardenia. The woman of your dreams comes to life right before your eyes. Ka Beauty Ao Manoa / Mens Hula Auana (modern hula) There is an exquisite valley just above our shores here at Waikiki called Manoa. Its valley is lush and green and the fragrance of Hawaiis blossoms and ferns permeate the entire area. This next mele or song praises the beauty of that valley of Manoa. Our Tihati men invite you to relax as they honor this verdant place that leaves one refreshed and full of life. A Tribute to Hawaiis King Kalakaua / Hula Implement Medley Hooulu Lahui or Increase the Nation was the motto of Hawaiis King Kalakaua as a matter of the survival of the Hawaiian people. Ko Mai Ho eueu is a celebrated Hawaiian song that praised the sexual prowess of their king and his ability to provide continuity for their people and culture. Our women use the hula implements of Hawaii, the traditional ipu (gourd), and uli uli (feathered rattling gourd) and share a medley of songs written for and by our Hawaiian Monarch. Maori The songs and dances of our Polynesian cousins from New Zealand. I Love You / A Romantic Hula Solo An elegant hula and a dance opportunity for honeymooners, anniversary couples and anyone in love to dance under the Stars in Paradise. Four Man Fire Knife Dance of Samoa The exciting dances of the island of Samoa and the blazing innovative four man fi re knife show stopper! Finale A memorable pulsating drum dance fi nale. WAIKIKI STARLIGHT LUAU ________________________________________ COLD Island Salad Greens Local Watercress Local Tomato Salad Macaroni Salad Soba Noodle Salad Maki Sushi Poi Sliced Sweet Potato Lomi Lomi Salmon Ahi Tuna Poke Fresh Fruit HOT Hawaiian Fried Rice Vegetables, Caramelized Pineapple, Scallions Sweet Sour Stir Fried Vegetables Seared Island Catch Luau Spinach, Lomi Lomi Tomatoes & Onions Huli Huli Chicken Kalua Pork CARVED PULEHEU RIB EYE STEAK Hawaiian Red Clay Salt, Island Teriyaki Sauce DESSERT Coconut Haupia Coustard Cake Guava Chiffon Cake Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Brownies Regular Coffee, Decaffeinated Coffee, Tea KEIKI BUFFET Iceberg Lettuce Carrot, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes & Celery Sticks Ranch Dressing Thousand Island Dressing Fresh Fruits Tater Tots Corn Cobbett's Teriyaki Chicken Bites Pineapple BBQ Meatballs Sweet & Sour Sauce
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